October 12, 2008

Joanne Griffin’s ePortfolio!

Come and explore Joanne’s updated Weblog. New features include IT @ UNIVERSITY, a report looking at the use of Animoto in the classroom, Readings in ICT, an eBook resume, a vote (including results!) and much more!!

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August 18, 2008

Welcome everyone to my ePortfolio Weblog. My name is Joanne and I am currently studying Primary Education at the Australian Catholic University at Strathfield. This blog has been created as part of an assessment in which we are to demonstrate our professional development in understanding the use of Information Technology in the classroom.

It is interesting that the tool of WordPress has been provided for this experience, as the process of learning to use WordPress is a step towards further professional development for me in the area of Information Technology. In my chosen career as a primary teacher, Information Technology is becoming more and more significant. Teachers are required to develop an array of skills in order to allow their students to explore these skills as well. In many cases, it is actually the students who are teaching the teacher! Teachers must, therefore, become as well accustomed as they can to the use of Information Technology in the classroom.

Whilst this blog will provide insight into my development in the area of Information Technology, it is also hoped that the viewer will provide comments throughout this blog as to their opinions of Information Technology in the classroom and everyday settings. In this way we are using technology to communicate and, therefore, further understand technology itself.